Schedule of Meetings on 19th May 2021 in WI Hut

The previously notified Annual Meeting of the Council and Parish Meeting will be followed by an Ordinary Meeting of the Council at 8.45 pm to consider a planning application that has recently been notified to the council. The agendas for the Annual Meeting and Parish Meeting have previously been posted online and the agenda for the ordinary meeting can also be found by clicking on the ‘Parish Council’ Tab and then select ‘Meeting:Minutes & Agendas’

Covid rules have to be followed and in order that these can be complied with safely please notify the Clerk if you wish to attend  by  emailing

7.30pm Annual Meeting of the Council ( dealing with regulatory and statutory business)

8.15 Annual Parish Meeting ( opportunity for parishioners to bring forward concerns and suggestions)

8.45 Ordinary meeting (to cover routine business not applicable to the other two meetings eg planning applications)