Problems with lorries entering Rakes Lane

In spite of the Parish Council getting DMBC to place directional signage to the iport on the A60 and “no through road” signs at the entrance to Rakes Lane, we still receive reports of lorries turning into Rakes Lane and causing damage. The Parish Council has taken up the matter directly with Amazon Head Office and also with our local Ward Councillors (Nigel Cannings and Martin Greenhalgh). We  are now able to  contact the Amazon Community Relations Manager. He is going to ensure that all their transport companies are made aware that they cannot access  their site via Rakes Lane. If there are any further  incidents then it is important that residents in Rakes Lane report them as soon as possible to the Parish Council,  so that they can be followed up as live issues. Please give as much information as possible about time of day, name on lorry etc and  email  to