Loversall Parish Councillors 2021-2025

Following the May 6th 2021 local elections, the Parish Councillors for Loversall are: Nicola Harris, Spencer Morris, Nigel Tomlinson, Keith Wilson and Colin Wright. They will serve for up to four years. Further information about your parish councillors can be found by clicking on the Parish Council tab at the top of the page.

Parish councillors are elected or co-opted volunteers from the parish and carry out their role as a public service  without any form of payment. Just like Borough and County Councillors, they must agree to be bound  by a code of conduct, which requires them to undertake their duties fairly, impartially and honestly in the public interest. They must also disclose any pecuniary interests that they might have and which might prove to be a conflict of interest with their role as Councillors. These interests are included with the information provided on each of the councillors on this website.

The Chairman of a parish council is elected annually and is a statutory post defined in law. Keith Wilson, who has been the Chairman of the Council for nine years,  decided not to stand as Chairman in 2021/22 and Nigel Tomlinson has been elected in his stead.

If you have any questions ,  concerns or suggestions to improve the village  then you can either speak to one of your councillors direct or contact the Clerk at