COVID 19 Latest from DMBC May 14th 2020

Schools: Doncaster Council is working closely with schools across the borough on arrangements around proposed school re-openings from 1st June. “We are all in agreement that we will be taking a Doncaster-specific approach to the situation and be doing what is best for the children of Doncaster. Although the Government has earmarked the 1st June as a possible target date, schools in Doncaster will only open when we are confident that we have the relevant plans in place to do so safely for staff, children, young people and families”.

Household Waste: Recycling Centres across Doncaster have re-opened but with significant restrictions to protect staff and residents from the risk of coronavirus with residents asked to stay away unless their visit is essential.
“Only people with essential waste should attend Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs). This includes food or “unhygienic” waste which people have been unable to fit into their black bin.
People are urged to compost or store garden waste at home if they can, but where this is not possible or the waste is beginning to smell, this can be brought to the sites but only where essential.
Those with other waste which they have accumulated for example from tidying the garage or shed in recent weeks are asked to hold onto it wherever possible until social distancing measures are relaxed”.